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Publisher: Beaver’s Pond Press
ISBN: 13:978-1-59298-883-9
Publication Date 5/1/15
Price: $18.95
Electronic and Paperback (full color cover and back) – 266 pages

Press Release

Tragic CTE Dementia Outcome from Concussions in Amateur Football Inspires a New Book

As an athlete, Dick was revered; yet, success turned traitor as the concussions received in football led to a world of confusion, poor decision-making, and confinement defined by a wheelchair in a long-term care facility. In his multiple levels of impaired functioning, the opportunity for Dick to “get it”—life, that is—was over. He just didn’t know it.

Nobody will remember a backup college quarterback, but Dick’s story bridges the glamour of NFL football—its high-profile athletes and its $765 million settlement for players with CTE dementia—and the millions of anonymous amateur football players who may suffer with the same concussion-induced devastation of CTE dementia. Unintended Impact makes a statement to be vigilant about the clinical diagnostic criteria, or markers, of CTE. They may appear earlier in life than expected as a result of the dings and bell-ringing episodes taken for granted in many sports where collision impact to the head can cause traumatic brain injuries. Dick Proebstle’s story covers the drama from childhood to adulthood, including numerous personal and business episodes that serve as warnings that something had been derailed. In 2015, with today’s focus on CTE, lack of knowledge is not acceptable. Yet in Dick’s life, lack of knowledge was just one of the underlying factors contributing to the heartbreak of his tragedy. With the vast number of amateur athletes who play or have played football or other contact sports, the question needs to be asked: How many other Dick Proebstles are there?

Unintended Impact: One Athlete’s Journey from Concussions in Amateur Football to CTE Dementia (Beaver’s Pond Press, $18.95, May 2015),

Author Biography

Jim Proebstle’s first two novels have received outstanding reviews from readers and industry professionals. They have been recognized with awards from the Eric Hoffer Award, the Indie Book Award, and the International Book Award.

He and his wife, Carole, live in Deer Park, IL and call northern Minnesota home for the summer months.

Proebstle received his BA and MBA from Michigan State University and was honored as an outstanding alumni from the Eli Broad College of Business in 2001. He was fortunate enough to play on a National Championship football team in 1965 and earn academic honors. Jim and Carole are loyal Spartans.

Fact Sheet

Born: Massillon, Ohio: 1944
High School: Central Catholic—Canton, Ohio
College: Michigan State University—BA 1966; MBA 1968: Played starting tight end for MSU’s National Championship football team in 1965
MSU’s Eli Broad School of Business Outstanding Alumni Award: 2001
Married to Carole Proebstle for 45 years: Children–Jeff and Jennifer—5 grandchildren