In the Absence of Honor

Proebstle_cover_final_lightenedIn the Absence of Honor weaves together the lives of a bewildered, downsized widower; a wealthy, aging megalomaniac; two corrupt members of the local Ojibwe tribal council, and a Department of Interior agent in their battle over a valuable piece of property in Northern Minnesota.  Money, power and greed are weaving a new story of corruption as casinos take a grip over the economic lifeblood of the reservation.

The story of murder, conspiracy, sex, fraud and betrayal is set in northern Minnesota.  It revolves around the conflict between two corrupt Ojibwe tribal council members and a wealthy brewery executive over an historically important piece of land.  Ultimately, Jake, our hero, and Donna, the Department of Interior Agent, are caught up in the discovery of an Indian Mafia network skimming money from casinos throughout the United States.  While corruption and greed fill the motivation for some; love and hope are the driving behavior for others.   The tale whisks the reader from a small northern community and Indian reservation to powerful forces in Washington, DC.


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Praise for In the Absence of Honor

In the Absence of Honor received the distinction of being a finalist in the 2009 Eric Hoffer Awards for the commercial fiction category, a nominee in the 2009 Northeastern Minnesota Book Awards for the fiction category and a finalist in the 2010 National Indie Excellence Awards for the mystery/suspense category.

Critical Reviews:

Walker, MN—The Pilot:In the Absence of Honor is a page-turner that explores money, power and greed in Native American casinos, the economic lifeblood of the reservation.”

Lansing, MI—City Pulse: “The story is about land, wealth and power.  It is often difficult for an outsider to write about reservation life, but Proebstle has done it well.”

Ironwood, MI—Daily Globe: “Proebstle weaves intricate—yet believable—plot twists.  He writes dialog well and sparingly and balances it with descriptive narrative that moves the plot forward, bringing character and locations to life.”

Cass Lake, MN—Times: “Greed, corruption and the struggle for power are just a few of the themes that make author Jim Proebstle’s debut novel, In the Absence of Honor, one readers won’t soon forget.”

Minocqua, WI—The Lakeland Times: “It is a spellbinding book; one that I would recommend.  If you like a good mystery story, filled with tales of corruption, this is the book for you…the plot was timely and the writing superb.”

Park Rapids, MN—The Enterprise: “The story takes readers on an adventure as the protagonist, Jake Lorenz, tries to unravel a murder and learns about the conflict, power and poverty in a place he has only known as a safe get-away.”

Grand Rapids, MN—Herald Review:In the Absence of Honor is a thrilling story…that will keep you on the edge of your seat, and make you feel like you are actually in the action.”

Chicago, IL—The Courier Pioneer Press: “A love of nature and a long fascination with Native American culture fueled the writing of In the Absence of Honor, the entertaining debut novel by Jim Proebstle.”