Mt. Deception

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I was very excited when Brian Phillips, Greenleaf Cover Designer, presented one of the first cover options to Fatal Incident. The cover does tell a lot about the story and, of course, it needs to capture the imagination of potential readers. But in this case it was so much more. The final cover ultimately incorporated this black and white photo, one of many contained in a box that my dad had saved labeled, Curly’s Clippings, many years ago. Once Brian obtained this original photo he creatively edited it and used it as the cover’s major focus. In this photo you can see the actual crash site where the left engine remained in the mountain’s sheer wall, the route taken by the recovery team, and where the plane came to rest. In addition, Brian captured a portion of Curly’s aviation charts from 1944, which were found as part of Curly’s effects, to complete the cover and the book’s interior design. These original documents are just a part of the unsolved story of what may have happened and why this C-47 flight crashed on September 18, 1944. The fold marks on the photo from being in a box for sixty-five years were left on the cover as tangible evidence in this historical fiction drama. In this case, you can tell a lot about a book by its cover.

Jim Proebstle