Fatal Incident Profiles

World War II is arguably the most defining event of the 20th century.  Authors have challenged themselves to write about characters, heroics, love stories, historical events, leaders, and espionage, to name just a few topics, in order to address their various interests.  Both the European and Pacific theaters offer vastly different scenarios with enemies just as diverse, which only adds to the complexity of The War.  World War II could literally occupy a lifetime of study.  Each of us has found our own areas of interest.  Carole’s for example is D-Day, as her birthday is June 6, 1944.  The events in Alaska aren’t written about as much, which added motivation to completing Fatal Incident. While the crash on September 18, 1944 is at the heart of the story so much else took place in Alaska of significance to the war’s outcome.  The Fatal Incident Profiles Page is a small attempt to share some of what I learned through my research.  The novel is based on many of the photographs and examples provided.  I thought you might find the profiles interesting.  They will be rotated and added to periodically.

Mt. Deception

Sacrifices for Freedom

Staples pilot’s crash novel