Book Clubs

I would enjoy being invited to participate in your book club discussion about Unintended Impact or either of the other books. All that I ask is that you initiate a pre-arranged speaker phone to 847-323-4144 or SKYPE call. Make your book club arrangements by contacting me at and suggesting a time and date.

Your questions about characters, the story, the writing process or anything for that matter are welcome.  The discussion and feedback will make me a better writer and I look forward to bringing something new to your event.

Here’s what the Triple B Book Club had to say:

We were fortunate to have Jim Proebstle participate this month. Because of this unique opportunity we opened our book club up to our male counterparts and a few other non-book clubbers. There was more wine sipped and much more food inhaled than our usual light fare…kudos to Barb and Steve for hosting. Aren’t book clubs grand!

Jim was open to allowing us to pick his brain about how the book came about, how he developed the characters, and how much of the story and history of the American Indians was fact vs. fiction. Even more to the point though, we found it quite interesting how the stories theme, “In the Absence of Honor” parlays into a social commentary for today. How greed, ego, misuse of power and corruption continue to be alive and well in our present day culture (government, corporations, and Wall Street to name a few).

All of us were intrigued as to his character development and how the story evolved. “The characters took on a life of their own, they would do things that I had no idea or plans for them to do. They came alive, surprising me at times with shocking outcomes.

As for Jim’s book, we as a group concluded it was a wonderful story of suspense, history, and a bit of a love story all wrapped up in one. Who could ask for more! We felt a sequel was in order. We could envision a screenplay in the Minnesota woods. And, we can’t wait for his next book to come out.